Develop faster. Eliminate complexity. Protect your secrets.

1Password streamlines how you manage SSH keys, API tokens, and other infrastructure secrets throughout the entire software development life cycle – from your first line of code all the way into production.

Learn how more than 60,000 developers secure their software development workflows with 1Password.

Secure your code from line 1

Use and manage secrets directly within your development environment by scanning your fingerprint. Stay in sync across devices, systems, and platforms.

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Eliminate plaintext secrets in code

Store secrets in encrypted vaults and access them in your code with references that are replaced at runtime. Work faster with 1Password for VS Code and other IDE integrations.

Sign on to any CLI with your fingerprint

Never type credentials in the terminal again with 1Password Shell Plugins. Secure your API access tokens in 1Password, authenticate third-party CLIs with biometrics, and build your own plugins via the open-source community project.

Automate administrative tasks

Automate common workflows for provisioning users, managing permissions, and generating custom reports with 1Password CLI.

Push, pull, and sign your Git commits

Generate and store SSH keys in 1Password 8 then use them in any Git or SSH client via the built-in SSH agent by scanning your fingerprint.

Get started with SSH

Secure your SSH keys

Create modern keys with the most secure settings in a few clicks - without the need to look up SSH keygen commands.

Authorize SSH connections with biometrics

Use the built-in SSH agent to seamlessly authenticate Git and SSH workflows with Touch ID, Windows Hello, or Linux system-auth.

Sign your Git commits

Get that “verified” badge on your GitHub commits with built-in support for SSH key-powered Git commit signing.

Test and deploy code securely, everywhere

Automatically sync secrets to your CI/CD environments with pre-built integrations and client libraries. Or, build a custom integration with the CLI or with SDKs for Python, Go, and Node.

Get started with CI/CD integrations New 1Password CI/CD integrations: CircleCI, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions and available SDKs: Python, Go, and Node

Provision infrastructure secrets in production

Secure, orchestrate, and manage your company's infrastructure secrets and automatically load them into server applications and beyond.

Get started with infrastructure automation

Save time configuring environments

Automatically load secrets into configuration files that can be safely checked into source control and kept in sync throughout your dev and production environments.

Collaborate with ease, securely

Implement the principle of least privilege by limiting access to only the secrets that are needed when deploying your infrastructure. Keep secrets out of your code so everyone can collaborate easily, and maintain a single source of truth to save troubleshooting time and reduce complexity.

Programmatically provision secrets at scale

Fully manage your secrets via a REST API and pass them to services that require authentication. The Connect server provides client-side caching within your infrastructure for added reliability and reduced latency.

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Work more quickly and securely by integrating 1Password 8 into your workflows.

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Build and contribute with 1Password

Create custom integrations, connect with the community, and discover new open-source projects.

Explore 1Password open source projects

  • 1Password for VS Code

  • 1Password Shell Plugins

  • op-js (JavaScript library)

  • SDKs and more

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Enable your visitors to secure sign-in details, credit cards, API keys, or other sensitive data with a single tap.

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