1Password 8 Features

Account Management

Unlock accounts separately

All accounts view

State restoration on launch


Autofill in Mac Apps and macOS system password prompts

Autofill any item type including 2FA codes

Autosubmit after autofilling

Associate logins with Mac apps

Browser extension

More robust browser extension integration



Data recovery

Data recovery on crash/power loss


Redesigned, collapsible sidebar

Hide tags and categories in sidebar

Back/forward navigation buttons

Pin/unpin item windows

Redesigned lock screen

Better keyboard navigation in sidebar and item details

Text field improvements, including multi-line text

Knox design language

Icon Improvements - New category icons and colorful sidebar icons

Responsive, resizable large type

Right-click context menus in item fields

Shoulder-surfing privacy protection

Tooltips on icon buttons

Confirmations when moving to/from shared vaults

Add custom icons

Mouse hover effects

New animations

Lock state indication in menu bar

Developer Tools

SSH key item template

Fill, save, and generate SSH keys

SSH agent

CLI - Authorized Shell, Inject and Run

Biometric CLI unlock


Smarter Encryption integration for HTTPS


Masked emails by Fastmail

Privacy.com integration

Phantom Wallet integration

Brex integration

Item list and editor

Category filter in item lists

Item drafts

Crypto wallet items

Streamlined item creator, editor, and toolbar

Security question generation

Item sharing information

Recently deleted items section

File attachments

Streamlined item details toolbar

New item editing options: undo move, delete, archive, preview files, download files

Item suggestions catalog

Item Catalog

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut reference

Command + R reveal shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts to switch accounts/collections

Lock Screen

Clear secrets from memory when locked


Faster launch, unlock, browsing, and editing

Reduced memory usage in the background


Quick Find

Search to create popular logins

Quick Access

Quick Access


Unobtrusive background updates

Automatic migration from 1Password 7

Scan Emergency Kit to add accounts

Easy sign-in on 1Password.com

Smart Suggestions

Username, tag and search suggestions

Two-factor authentication

Instant 2FA code scanner

Webauthn two-factor authentication


Watchtower dashboard

Shareable security score

Dismissable Watchtower alerts

Actionable Watchtower banners

Change password links in Watchtower