How to integrate 1Password with your team's Slack workspace

Did you know that 1Password has a Slack integration? Teams can use the 1Password Slack app to get Slack messages about important things that happen in 1Password.

The app keeps you updated about important events, like when a new team member starts using 1Password, or someone signs in to their password manager. Below, we’ll explain how to set up the Slack app for your team.

Why you should use the 1Password Slack app

Many teams treat Slack as their communication hub – the primary place where workers chat, collaborate, and coordinate with each other.

With the 1Password Slack app, you can go a step further and monitor how your team is using 1Password without leaving Slack. The integration allows you to access important notifications from your team’s password manager, saving time and boosting productivity in the process.

If your company is smaller than 1,000 people, you can also invite them via Slack to join your team on 1Password. This is a great way to onboard team members who spend more time in their Slack messages than their email inbox.

How to set up the 1Password Slack app

Once you’ve signed up for a 1Password Business account, follow these steps to set up the 1Password Slack app integration.

  • Sign in to your 1Password account
  • Select Integrations in the sidebar, then choose Slack to get started
  • Select Connect to complete the 1Password and Slack integration – you may have to sign in to Slack and click Allow if you’re not already logged in

You’ll now be able to access updates and alerts from the 1Password app without leaving Slack, which is great if your team spends a lot of time on the platform.

To invite team members, choose Invitations in the 1Password sidebar. Select Invite Everyone to invite the whole team, or use the Choose People to Invite option to onboard people individually, by group, or by channel.

Enhance security with 1Password on the Slack Enterprise Grid

If you’re part of a larger team that’s using a Slack Enterprise Grid, you can set up and deploy the 1Password Slack app by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your 1Password account
  • Select Integrations in the sidebar, then select Slack to get started
  • Select Go to Slack and add the Slack app to your workspace
  • Click the refresh button that looks like a circular arrow, and choose it

Setting up the 1Password Slack app this way will increase adoption of your team’s password manager. This will improve your company’s security and boost productivity.

Create automatic 1Password Slack notifications

You can configure 1Password to send automated notifications when a team member signs in, sets up 1Password on a new device, or turns Travel Mode on and off.

Administrators can choose an existing channel to receive these notifications, or create a new one with a name like #1password-messages to keep everything organized.

If you spend a lot of time in Slack, these messages will alert you to potential problems and help you investigate or respond as quickly as possible. It will also help you keep on top of tasks that require your attention.

Save time with 1Password alerts in Slack

The 1Password Slack app can also send alerts that require some kind of action. For example, it can tell you when a new team member joins 1Password and needs an administrator to confirm their account.

After a team member completes the required action, the message will be automatically updated in the Slack channel so the whole team can see what’s changed. You can also create a Slack channel for these alerts, such as #1password-alerts.

Simplify your company’s security with the 1Password Slack app

The 1Password Slack app allows you to streamline how your company uses and manages a password manager. By integrating with your team’s existing tools and workflows, there’s a higher chance that everyone you work with will embrace 1Password and start practicing good security habits.

The integration is easy to set up and customize, and helps cut down on time navigating away from Slack. Ready to try it out with your team?

Try 1Password for free and keep your team secure with alerts and notifications inside Slack.