Password autofill


Tired of manually typing in every email address, username, and password for your online logins? 1Password makes logging in a breeze by autofilling your saved credentials for all your app and website accounts.

What’s password autofill?

Autofill is a feature that gives you the option to automatically enter your saved passwords in trusted apps and web pages. Normally, you would have to manually type your login information into each box. Autofill speeds up the experience by securely retrieving and submitting the relevant password from your 1Password account.

You may be wondering: does autofill really save that much time? Well, think about it like this. While it may not take very long to type out a single password, consider all the logins you use week in, week out for all of your online accounts. All of those moments quickly add up to hours that could be better spent on more productive activities.

Getting started with password autofill

When you sign up for a new account online, you’ll be asked to choose a password. 1Password will suggest a strong and unique password automatically, but you can also create and submit one manually using our free Strong Password Generator. Once you’ve finished creating the account, all the required login details will be saved in 1Password, along with the URL or app for which they’re meant to be used.

You can also tell 1Password to autofill a saved password on multiple websites. Simply find the item in 1Password, choose Edit, and then “Add another website”.

Autofill works with any accounts you created before signing up for 1Password, too. You just need to make sure that everything you need to log in, like your username and password, is saved in one of your vaults.

How to use 1Password’s autofill

Now that your credentials are saved and linked to the specific URL, 1Password can autofill them for you every time you access the account. On the sign-in page of a website, click the 1Password icon in the username or password field, then choose the login you want to fill.

Quick Access to your credentials

With 1Password 8, you can use Quick Access to quickly find, open, and sign in to any account – without leaving the browser or app you’re currently working in.

The Quick Access bar can be called up with a convenient keyboard shortcut. It will automatically suggest credentials relevant to the apps you have open, as well as the accounts you use most frequently. You can also start typing the account you want to find, and the item will appear in the drop-down menu with several available actions.

When you select an item from the menu, Quick Access will open the account and autofill your saved login and password.

How password autofill keeps you safe online

1Password’s autofill allows you to quickly log in and access any of your accounts while also protecting you from attacks that try to fool you into submitting your details into scam sites. Here’s how:

Every time you create a new account and save a password, 1Password will record the associated website URL and attach it to the saved login. If you visit a scam site or anywhere else that doesn’t match the exact URL, 1Password won’t offer to autofill your login information. In this situation, you’re likely on a site that only appears legitimate or has a URL similar to the real deal, but is actually trying to trick you into inputting your credentials so they can be stolen.

Speed up your logins safely and efficiently

Autofill saves you time while also protecting your account information from criminals who have set up phony websites. Once you’ve saved something in 1Password, you’ll start seeing the option to autofill it online.

Autofill isn’t limited to one device, either. 1Password works on:

You can also use 1Password in every major web browser, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. That means you can stay secure and productive, regardless of what you prefer to use at work and at home.

Try 1Password for free and learn how you can speed up your app and website logins safely and efficiently.