How to use Quick Access on 1Password 8 to view your saved passwords

Quick Access is a helpful search tool that’s built into the desktop versions of 1Password 8. It can be summoned with a keyboard shortcut and lets you instantly look up, copy, and fill any saved item in your vaults.

Quick Access on 1Password 8

You can use Quick Access on your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer to retrieve any of your saved passwords – all without leaving the app you’re currently working in. Need your credit card or delivery address instead? No problem! Quick Access can be used to search for anything you’ve saved in 1Password, including medical records and software license keys.

Quick Access automatically identifies the app or website you have open and suggests relevant items from your vaults, providing a fast and convenient way to sign in to your accounts.

You can still use 1Password in the browser to autofill account credentials and anything else you’ve saved in your vaults. But with 1Password 8, it’s no longer required if you want to fill passwords, addresses, and more across the web. You can just as easily use Quick Access to retrieve and submit this information.

How to use Quick Access

You can summon Quick Access using a customizable keyboard shortcut on your device. By default, these keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Shift + Command (⌘) + Space (Mac)
  • Control (Ctrl) + Shift + Space (Windows or Linux)

To customize these shortcuts, select your account or collection at the top of the sidebar, choose Settings > General, and scroll down to Shortcuts.

Alternatively, you can launch Quick Access by selecting the 1Password icon in your menu bar or system tray (Mac and Linux), or by right-clicking the icon in your notification area (Windows). You’ll then see an option to open Quick Access. When you open Quick Access, it will automatically suggest passwords related to the site or app you currently have open, as well as the items you use most frequently.

If what you need isn’t listed, start typing and it will come up in a flash. Select the correct item in the search results and 1Password will do the rest, opening the associated website and filling in your username and password.

What you can do with Quick Access

Once you’ve opened Quick Access and found the item you’re looking for, you can:

You can perform all of these actions with easy-to-execute keyboard shortcuts. Alternatively, you can view them in a menu by hitting the right arrow key on your keyboard, or by selecting the icon that looks like three circles stacked on top of each other.

Using Quick Access to autofill items in desktop apps

1Password 8 for Mac comes with Universal Autofill, which lets you submit usernames, email addresses, and passwords into desktop apps and system prompts using a single keyboard shortcut.

If you have more than one item associated with the app, Quick Access will appear in the center of your screen and let you choose the one you need at that moment.

If you’re using 1Password 8 for Windows or 1Password 8 for Linux, you can find the item in Quick Access and then use a keyboard shortcut to copy and paste the information into any other app.

Upgrade to 1Password 8

Download 1Password 8 to take advantage of Quick Access, which gives you a fast and convenient way to pull up and autofill your saved passwords.

1Password 8 is the latest and most fully-featured version of 1Password yet. It’s available for anyone with a 1Password membership, as well as organizations with a 1Password Teams or 1Password Business account. Ready to get started? Download the sleek and intuitive 1Password 8 today.

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