Secure Notes in 1Password

Secure Notes are ideal for sensitive information that doesn’t fit neatly into a Password, Credit Card, Medical Record, or other standard 1Password item category. They’re perfect for anything that you want to keep safe but also accessible on all your devices throughout the day.

What are Secure Notes?

These days, most of us use our devices for just about everything. That includes those all-too-frequent moments when you need to write down something important. But what should you be using to create, organize, and retrieve these digital notes? The most secure and convenient place is 1Password.

Secure Notes in 1Password are perfect for personal and private information that you can’t risk falling into the wrong hands. Your Secure Notes are always encrypted – just like everything else in your vaults – and available on your phone, tablet, laptop, and PC. That means you can easily open, edit, and securely share your notes with trusted family members and team members.

When to use Secure Notes

Secure Notes are great for information that you want to both protect and keep readily available. They can hold snippets you need every day, periodically, or only once, like during a vacation or business trip. Here are some examples:

  • Travel itineraries: flight numbers, local taxis, and important addresses
  • Insurance details: policy numbers, expiration dates, and contact numbers
  • Financial data: business expenses and notes for your tax returns
  • Medical information: allergies, medication schedules, and appointments
  • Pet essentials: vet appointments, medication schedules, and dietary info
  • Vehicle services notes: costs, parts needed, and the next service date
  • IT essentials: Wi-Fi details and serial numbers – even frequently-used terminal commands
  • And more!

Access and share your Secure Notes from any device

Secure Notes are stored in your vaults, just like your passwords and other saved items. 1Password keeps everything in sync across your favorite devices, so you can always pull up and use the information that you need. That means you can jot down your flight number and departure gate on your work computer, and then look them up on your phone while you’re traveling to the airport.

Need to give someone else access to your important information? You can create and share a vault that contains one or more Secure Notes with your loved ones or trusted co-workers. You can also use Item Sharing to give someone access to a specific note – even if they don’t use 1Password.

Format your Secure Notes however you like

1Password gives you complete control over the look and structure of your Secure Notes. You can write them in Markdown, a simple approach to formatting that lets you create headings, lists, bold and italic text, and more.

You’ll see the formatted note in 1Password once you’ve finished editing and saved your changes. You can even use emojis in the titles of your Secure Notes to make them easier to find.

Organize your Secure Notes

1Password lets you customize and arrange your notes in a variety of ways to make them easier to find. You can add Secure Notes to your favorite items, or use tags so you can access them from the sidebar. You can also attach relevant documents, images, and other files to your notes to keep everything in your life organized. For example, you can save your passport number and expiration date in a Secure Note, along with a photo of the document for when you need it.

Use Secure Notes however you want

Secure Notes are designed for any piece of important information that you want your password manager to encrypt and keep secure. They’re easy to create and organize, and can be accessed whenever and wherever you need them. And there are no constraints on the type of data you put into Secure Notes. They can be a short string of numbers, specific instructions, or something else entirely – whatever you need to organize your digital life.

Convenience, security, and flexibility – that’s Secure Notes.

Try 1Password for free to start simplifying and securing your life with Secure Notes.