Secrets Automation

Secure, orchestrate, and manage your company’s infrastructure secrets with 1Password Secrets Automation.

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The 1Password you know and love, now for all your company secrets

1Password protects secrets like logins and credit cards. Secrets Automation protects secrets in your company infrastructure – like API tokens, application keys, and private certificates – and supplies them when and where they’re needed.

Your single source of truth

With Secrets Automation, 1Password now provides one place to house and manage all your secrets, from your team’s logins to infrastructure secrets.

With everything under one roof, there's no more disconnected audit logs, no more second-guessing – and no more wasted time.

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Secure by design

Just like 1Password, security isn't a feature. It's the foundation. Secrets Automation is built on the trusted security architecture of 1Password.

Credentials, tokens, and other secrets you store are fully encrypted, and only you hold the keys to decrypt them. We can't see your data, so we can't use it, share it, or sell it.

Connected to the tools you already use

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The 1Password difference

If you've used 1Password, you'll feel right at home with Secrets Automation. You’ll get the same best-in-class user experience, granular access control, and authenticated encryption.

  • A seamless user experience leads to fewer vulnerabilities, because no one’s tempted to store secrets in an insecure config file.
  • Granular access control gives people and apps access to the right information at the right time, without slowing down development.
  • Secrets sync with 1Password.com, so if you rotate a token or create a new one, it’s automatically synced, everywhere.
  • Secrets Automation is backed by the same world-class support team that’s been keeping 1Password customers happy since 2005.
Similar to the way 1Password automates password management, the new service is designed to secure, orchestrate, and manage your company’s infrastructure secrets.

Built on 1Password’s best-in-class security foundation


Access control

Following the Principle of Least Privilege, you define who has access to what.

Server stack

Connect Server Logs

Integrate process logs into any SIEM or logging tool of your choice for full visibility.


Connect Activity API

Programmatically request access logs to see which tokens have accessed which secrets.

It’s critical for us to have a secure and efficient way of managing the credentials that give access to our sensitive data. Secrets Automation delivers an extra level of security and removes the manual labor required to manage the volume of passwords and credentials.
Joey Coleman, Kira Fellow and Director,
Systems with Kira Systems

Secure your infrastructure with 1Password Secrets Automation

$ 29/mo

Tiers are assigned daily, after analyzing credit usage for that day. Billing occurs monthly, as the sum of the price of each daily tier assigned during the previous month.