Reports: The Burnout Breach: How employee burnout is emerging as the next frontier in cybersecurity

Security professional burnout: 84% of security professionals report feeling burned out.

What you will learn

This report establishes a clear connection between employee burnout and cyberthreat exposure, as ready-to-resign and otherwise disengaged employees let down their guards and skirt their companies’ rules and protocols. Among our findings:

  • Burned-out employees were 3 times as likely as others to say security rules and policies “aren’t worth the hassle.”
  • Security professionals were twice as likely as others to say that due to burnout, they’re “completely checked out” at work.
  • Nearly half of burned-out security professionals say it’s unrealistic for companies to be aware of and manage all apps and devices that employees use.

When even a small number of people relax their vigilance, organizations are at grave risk. Pervasive burnout among security professionals and other employees presents a significant cybersecurity threat.

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