Business Resources: It’s time to get serious about enterprise password management

The average person managers somewhere between 80 and 190 passwords. 45% of U.S. adults use weak passwords with 8 characters or fewer. 64% of IT/DevOps admit to reusing enterprise secrets between projects. 54% of IT/DevOps workers have used email to share enterprise secrets with colleagues. Nearly a third of adults use only 2-3 unique passwords across all their accounts.

What you will learn

The right password manager will make the secure way of doing things the easiest way. Download and read how:

  • Current password and secret behaviors are putting your business at risk
  • Password managers can lay the foundation for your culture of security
  • 1Password is the most-trusted password manager for teams of all sizes

1Password has seeped into the day-to-day of our work here at Intercom. Looking at our IT tech stack, we look at it as having an impact on par with our identity management and MDM systems.


Learn how a password manager can help your business

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