How to create and manage shared vaults for your team

1Password gives you the tools necessary to organize, manage, and securely share passwords and other digital secrets at work. With shared vaults and groups, you can ensure that everyone on your team only has access to the exact credentials and information required to do their job.

How to create a shared vault in 1Password

Shared vaults let you separate the data stored in your company password manager and ensure that team members can access everything they need, but nothing more. 1Password gives you the flexibility to create, organize, and label vaults in whatever way makes the most sense for your business and its workflows.

To create a shared vault on

  • Sign in to your 1Password account.
  • Select “New Vault” on your Home page.
  • To choose from a list of suggested vaults, select “Suggestions” and pick a vault from the list. Your new vault will be created automatically.
  • To create a custom vault, select “Custom”. You can then choose a name and add a description and icon for it.
  • Team owners will be able to manage the vault, but you can also choose to let account administrators have the same level of access.
  • When you are done adjusting the settings, select “Create Vault”.

You’re now ready to add items and team members to your newly created vault.

How to add team members to a shared vault

Once you’ve created one or more vaults, you can share them with existing members, groups, or new people you invite via email.

To share a vault on

  • Select “Vaults” in your 1Password sidebar, then choose the vault you want to share.
  • Select “Share vault”, then enter the name of a team member, group, or the email address of the person you want to invite (email invitees must accept the email and be confirmed prior to being granted access).
  • Select the team member, group, or email from the dropdown menu.
  • Repeat this process for any other people or groups you want to share your vault with, then select “Save”.

The team members and groups you selected can now view and edit items in the vault from all their devices.

How to manage a shared vault

If you have multiple vaults, you can move and copy items between them to organize your data or share them with others who have access to those vaults. To do this:

  • Open a vault and select an item.
  • Select the “Share” icon and choose “Move/Copy”.
  • Select the vault where you want to move or copy the item.

You can also remove people or groups from a vault as needed. Simply go into the vault, select the settings icon beside any of the people or groups with access, and choose “Remove from Vault”.

How to create groups in 1Password

1Password Business allows you to create custom groups, making it easy to organize team members and manage the vaults they should have access to. Groups can separate workers by project, department, or location – whatever makes the most sense for your company. By using groups in combination with shared vaults, you can create a system that fits your business’s exact needs.

To create a group in

  • Select “New Group” and give it a name, description, and icon.
  • Select “Create Group”.

There is no limit to the size of a group or the number of groups that members can be a part of, allowing you to create an access structure unique to your organization’s requirements.

Managing group permissions

1Password gives you plenty of options to manage what people can do in a specific vault.

With 1Password Teams, you can dive into any vault and choose whether a person or group should have the following permissions: Allow Viewing, Allow Editing, and Allow Managing. 1Password Business gives you even more control with five granular permission settings: View Items, Create Items, Edit Items, Archive Items, and Delete Items.

In addition, 1Password Business lets you decide which apps can be used to access the vault, and gives you additional control options over items, permissions, and individuals, making it even easier to customize your settings and manage your team.

Staying organized and secure with shared vaults and groups

Using shared vaults and groups, you can create an access system that works seamlessly for your business. Together, they’ll keep your company organized and ensure that everyone stays productive with a level of access that’s appropriate for their role.

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