How to save your credit cards and addresses in 1Password

1Password isn’t just a place to store your usernames and passwords. You can also keep your credit cards, addresses, and other private information secure by storing them in your vaults.

Need to enter your delivery address while checking out with an online retailer? Or want to share a corporate credit card number with someone at work? 1Password is the easiest way to store, fill, and share everything that’s in your vaults, including addresses and credit card numbers.

How to save credit cards in 1Password

Follow these steps to securely store your credit cards in 1Password:

  • Open 1Password
  • Select “New Item”
  • Scroll down and select the “Credit Card” option
  • Enter your credit card information, then choose “Save”
  • Repeat the process for any other credit or debit cards you want to store in 1Password

All done! Your payment cards are stored in your 1Password account. You can access and autofill them from any device that has 1Password installed on it.

How to save addresses in 1Password

Follow these steps to save your addresses in a secure 1Password vault:

  • Open 1Password
  • Select “New Item”
  • Scroll down and select the “Identity” option
  • Enter your address information, then choose Save
  • Repeat for any other delivery, billing, residential, or business addresses you want to store in 1Password

Now that you’ve saved your addresses in a 1Password vault, you can access and autofill them from all of your devices.

Using autofill to enter saved addresses and credit cards

Once you’ve saved your addresses and credit cards in 1Password, you can autofill them on any of your devices by using:

  • 1Password’s apps. You can use 1Password on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Android device, Linux computer, and Chromebook to save and autofill your credit cards or addresses.

  • 1Password in your browser. You can use 1Password in your browser to access and autofill your credit cards, addresses, and other private data without leaving the website you’re on. 1Password works with every modern web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Quick Access. You can also use Quick Access on your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer to find and fill any of your addresses and credit cards – all without leaving the app you’re currently working in. If you have 1Password 8 for Mac, you can use Universal Autofill to go beyond the browser and automatically enter your saved usernames and passwords anywhere on your Mac, including desktop apps and system prompts.

Securely sharing with other 1Password users

Sending addresses and credit card numbers via email or text message is convenient but not necessarily secure. With 1Password, you can share anything in your vault with whoever you like – and make sure no one else can access it.

Imagine you want to share a credit card with a colleague or family member who already uses 1Password. You can give them access by creating a new shared vault, adding the card to it, and then choosing the 1Password users you want to share access with.

Sharing with people who don’t use 1Password

Know someone who doesn’t use 1Password? You can still share your credit cards and addresses with them through 1Password’s Item Sharing.

When you share an item from your vault this way, you’ll receive a unique link you can then send to others. You can also manage who is able to view the link and when it should expire, giving you complete control over how you share your private data.

Beyond password management – storing your sensitive data in 1Password

1Password lets you securely store, edit, and retrieve all your digital secrets – not just passwords, credit cards, and addresses. It can also hold:

  • Software license keys
  • Passport information
  • Social security numbers
  • Alarm and door codes
  • Bank account information
  • Sensitive documents
  • And more!

1Password’s customizable vaults allow you to safely store, organize, and share all your private information in one secure place.

Try 1Password for free today and discover a fast and convenient way to store, share, and autofill your credit cards and addresses.