Why 1Password is worth paying for

With so many password managers to choose from, it can be challenging to figure out which ones are worth the investment. 1Password offers excellent value if you’re looking for a smart, secure, and intuitive password manager to store all of your passwords and other digital secrets.

The password manager without restrictions

1Password works on all of your devices and every major web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Safari. It gives you instant access to all of your passwords and other digital secrets at the exact moment you need them.

Not all password managers are like this. Some are limited to your web browser, which isn’t ideal when you need to submit a password in another app or machine. Others are focused on a specific set of devices, offer plans that restrict the number of passwords you can store, and how many devices you can use at any one time.

Our primary focus is password management

1Password’s sole objective is to protect every corner of your digital life, keeping you safe across all your apps, devices, websites, and workflows.

Some web browsers come with a built-in password manager. But they’re often simplistic because they’re not the company’s primary focus – they’re merely one feature among a host of other offerings built into the browser.

1Password is designed specifically to keep your secrets safe. We’re committed to giving you the best possible experience and staying on the cutting edge of password security.

Intuitive design

1Password is designed with you in mind. It makes creating, storing, and using passwords feel seamless and natural, regardless of which device or browser you’re using. Don’t settle for a password manager that’s merely functional. Choose one that’s genuinely enjoyable to use and keeps your most sensitive data both secure and at your fingertips.

More than just passwords

1Password handles more than just passwords. It provides the same level of protection for your addresses, credit and debit cards, passport information, medical records, and more. 1Password can even act as an authenticator for sites that support two-factor authentication (2FA).

You can also use 1Password to store developer secrets, like SSH keys and API tokens. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional developer or someone who likes to dabble with code in your spare time. With 1Password, you can work securely and ship projects without interrupting your flow.

Sharing made simple

1Password makes it simple to share passwords securely. You can create and share vaults that give family members and coworkers access to everything they need. And if they don’t use 1Password? No problem. Item sharing lets you share copies of passwords and other items you’ve saved in 1Password with anyone – even people who haven’t made the leap to a password manager yet.

Integrations that improve your privacy

1Password has partnered with other services committed to your privacy and online security. These include:

  • Fastmail. Protect yourself by creating a masked email address every time you sign up for a service and create a new account.
  • Privacy. Create, save, and use virtual payment cards that protect you when you spend online.

With 1Password Business, you can also connect your password manager with an identity provider like Okta, OneLogin, and Azure Active Directory. This lets you automate common administrative tasks, like creating new users and groups, and managing what all of your team members have access to.

Alerts that keep you safe

1Password Watchtower monitors your logins and will highlight any weak or reused passwords that need changing. It also checks the industry-renowned Have I Been Pwned database and will alert you if any of your credentials have been exposed in a data breach. This means you can quickly change them before they can be exploited by a cybercriminal.

Security you can trust

1Password uses a robust security model to ensure the safety of your information. Your account is protected by both your unique password and your locally generated Secret Key, which provides an additional layer of security. They’re combined to encrypt everything you store in 1Password.

1Password is also committed to transparency. We’re regularly assessed by independent security firms and share the results so that you can see how we performed.

Help when you need it

If you ever have questions, we have answers – and you won’t have to wait days for them. You can contact us anytime via email, Twitter, and the 1Password Support Community forum, or find a relevant guide on our support site.

Want to improve your cybersecurity knowledge? Sign up for 1Password University, a free online learning platform designed to help anyone develop a deeper understanding of online security, privacy, and keeping your information safe on the internet.

Providing superior value: Business and Teams

Attackers often exploit weak and stolen login credentials to slip past corporate defenses. A password manager like 1Password Teams and 1Password Business are a small investment when you consider that the average data breach cost $4.24 million in 2021.

1Password Teams and Business let you monitor and control what everyone in your company has access to, protecting your sensitive data and saving you money in the long run. It will also encourage and empower team members to develop better security habits, reducing the chance that you’ll be exposed to a data breach.

1Password is also the perfect companion to single sign-on (SSO) solutions. It helps team members protect their SSO accounts with strong, unique passwords. A password manager can also fill in security gaps by taking care of any sites and logins that aren’t supported by SSO.

Get more from your password manager with 1Password

With 1Password, you can create, store, and autofill passwords in a single click. Protect your accounts, collaborate securely, and keep your secrets safe with the password manager you’ll love to use.

The bottom line? 1Password provides complete security, flexibility, and control over your valuable information. That’s peace of mind. That’s 1Password.

Learn what makes 1Password the world’s most-loved password manager for families and businesses alike.