Webinar On Demand: Connect with caution: The reality of social engineering

  • How was a security champion persuaded to hand over all her login details on WhatsApp?
  • Why have MI5 highlighted LinkedIn as an area of concern for UK companies?
  • How was a senior engineer convinced to photograph sensitive R&D plans for someone he had never met?

In this exclusive (unrecorded) talk, Lisa Forte will show you why these longer-term social engineering attacks work, why rapport building can be your worst enemy, and how you can defend against this cruel but highly effective attack.

In a world where we’re meeting more of our colleagues and clients for the very first time online, it’s a hotter topic than ever. And we’re all vulnerable.

About Lisa

Lisa Forte is an expert in the human side of cyber security. She started her career in security trying to stop pirates from attacking ships off the coast of Somalia, then worked in UK Counter Terrorism Intelligence before moving into one of the UK Police Cyber Crime Units. She founded her own company, Red Goat Cyber Security, in 2017 and has become one of the leading voices on cyber security issues.

Our Speakers

Harlie Hardage
Harlie Hardage Security Training Expert, 1Password
Lisa Forte
Lisa Forte Founder, Red Goat Cyber Security