Webinar On Demand: 1Password presents: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a global initiative to spread awareness about cybersecurity threats, and what people can do to protect themselves both at work and home.

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1Password & Malwarebytes: Face cybersecurity threats head on
1Password and Malwarebytes combine forces to discuss the current threat landscape, how to level-up your team’s knowledge, and how to create a cybersecurity forcefield by combining your tech stack and empowering your entire organization to feel like allies in the fight against rising threats.

Keynote: Blockbuster cybersecurity in a zero-trust world with John Sileo
Cybercriminals rely on two things: constant change and human error. This keynote presentation will cover how to build a blockbuster framework for analyzing, organizing, and communicating a powerful cyber defense strategy.

Risky business: When real life transactions become cybersecurity risks As technology evolves people are experimenting with new ways to exchange money – whether making a purchase from a business, or paying back a friend using apps like Zelle or Venmo. This session walks through real-life examples of how everyday transactions, both professionally and personally, can lead to data breaches.

Our Speakers

Mercedes Lander
Mercedes Lander Security Specialists – Privacy & Compliance, 1Password
Joseph Ojelade
Joseph Ojelade Security Specialists – Privacy & Compliance, 1Password
Jarryd Boyd
Jarryd Boyd Security Solutions Engineer, Malwarebytes
John Sileo
John Sileo President & CEO, The Sileo Group
Mark-Shane Scale
Mark-Shane Scale Customer Support Team Lead, 1Password
Alex Ash
Alex Ash Marketing Campaigns Manager, 1Password

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