Webinar On Demand: Debunking Cybersecurity Myths: Separating the Facts from Fiction

Have you ever been told that you should be changing your passwords every 90 days? Or that it’s bad to write your passwords down in a notebook? If you’re not a security expert, it can be hard to separate good advice from outdated or simply inaccurate tips.

In this webinar, 1Password’s security team will reveal the truth behind some of the biggest password and cybersecurity myths. So you’ll know once and for all what’s actually important to keep your accounts and data safe.

The questions we’ll be answering include:

  • Does every password need to have numbers, special characters, and a mixture of upper and lower-case letters?
  • Is it bad if I just write down all my passwords?
  • Can a hacker steal my biometrics from my phone?

Our Speakers

Pilar Garcia
Pilar Garcia Head of Privacy and Compliance, 1Password
Neysa Patel
Neysa Patel Jr Security Specialist, 1Password
Nicola Plate
Nicola Plate Customer Marketing Manager, 1Password

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