Webinar On Demand: Fireside Chat 2022 with CEO Jeff Shiner and CPO Steve Won

Collins Dictionary’s 2022 Word of the Year is “permacrisis,” defined as, “an extended period of instability and insecurity, especially one resulting from a series of catastrophic events.” While not the most uplifting, it certainly reflects the on-going state of uncertainty with Covid-19 and the economy that has permeated the tech industry this year.

In this webinar, 1Password CEO Jeff Shiner and CPO Steve Won will share their thoughts on the unprecedented tech landscape of 2022, how constant distractions have affected security habits, and shaping the future of passwordless authentication in 2023.

Join us to hear them discuss:

Our Speakers

Jeff Shiner
Jeff Shiner Chief Executive Officer, 1Password
Steve Won
Steve Won Chief Product Officer, 1Password
Erin Figueroa
Erin Figueroa Vice President, Office of the CEO, 1Password

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