Webinar On Demand: The Heart of Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Rachel Wilson

At 1Password, our goal is to keep everyone, everywhere safe as they go about their work and play. In our newest webinar series, “The Heart of Cybersecurity,” we’ll explore what’s really at the heart of the complex world of cybersecurity: real people, solving real problems, and their extraordinary stories.

Our first session will be led by Rachel Wilson. Rachel is the Managing Director and Head of Cybersecurity for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Prior to her current role in the financial industry, she worked for the National Security Agency as well as at the US Embassy in London. Her experience ranges from detecting and disrupting foreign terrorist attacks to cyber threats targeting the 2012 Olympics.

Currently, she and her team are responsible for protecting their systems and client data, as well as advising Morgan Stanley leadership about cybersecurity risks.

Join us on January 18th, at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST to hear an exclusive keynote where Rachel will discuss:

  • What the current global cybersecurity landscape looks like, and what this means from a corporate standpoint
  • Who’s at risk for cyberattacks (Spoiler alert: it might not be who you think it is)
  • Why employees are both the first line of defense and the biggest risk when it comes to cybersecurity
  • What we can do as both corporate employees and private citizens to be as safe as possible online

Our Speaker

Rachel Wilson, Managing Director and Head of Cybersecurity, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Rachel Wilson Managing Director and Head of Cybersecurity, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

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